Kao Ka or 9K Poker

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Ufabet online casino for real money I would like to teach you how to play Kao Ka, roughly as follows.

The rules may differ somewhat according to the expertise of each band of cards. But in general, it’s easy to deal 3 cards to each player. Take 3 cards in your hand and arrange them in a suit that will fit into any suit according to 1-6 below, Kao Ka which card number 1 is the smallest and 6 is the largest as follows. to this:

1. A set of points is a total of 9 points, the highest, blind is the lowest.

2. The series is 1-2-3 or 4-5-6.

3. The color set is the same flower, such as the three hearts of hearts.

4. The border set is either jqk or qqk.

5. The color sequence is 1-2-3 or jqk is the same color.

6. Tong set is 1-1-1 or 3-3-3 or kkk

Once the set of cards has been sorted Everyone puts a pot of money into it, for example, a hundred each with 5 people, or 500.

The first person has a duty to raise or fold. Then put the money in. As for “crouching”, it means giving up the right, not playing again, losing only the money that has been put in before. The next person thinks that there is a card that can win the first person, then add more, called a raise or “follow up”, that is, put as much money as the first person calls. when no one raises then open the cards to see who is the biggest have eaten a whole pile of money

But if we go too far Then other people have bad cards. They all fold even though we may hold a lower rank card in the hand, called “Luck Kai”.

Some bands may deal 2 cards first and then play one round first, for example, if you get a jq card, you have a chance to line up the edges. You can add to the pool a lot first, depending on the rules that are selected.