How to eat watercress safely and for good health?

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Watercress is a vegetable that is easy to eat and can be eaten raw, but for its safety and health benefits. You should choose this type of vegetable carefully. By choosing a bouquet that looks fresh. The leaves and stems are bright green and delicious to eat. Not wilted or have brown spots on the leaves. and stored in the fruit and vegetable freezer of the refrigerator. Watercress must be cooked within 2 days after purchase. Also, don’t forget to wash them thoroughly before eating them fresh or cooking them as a menu every time UFABET

Watercress and its medicinal properties.

Eating large quantities of watercress Especially in the hope of medicinal properties for treating various diseases according to that belief. It can cause stomach upset or harm the kidneys. The best way is to eat this vegetable in moderation and with safety in mind. Especially people in the following groups Watercress should be avoided as a medicine or used in any dietary supplement form.

  • children because it may be harmful to health Especially children under 4 years old.
  • pregnant woman This is because it may cause vaginal bleeding or miscarriage. Women who are breastfeeding should consume watercress with caution. Because at present there is no clear evidence confirming the safety of this type of vegetable.
  • Patients with stomach ulcers
  • kidney disease patient