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Benefits of caviar.

Caviar or sturgeon eggs It’s a small fish egg. It is light green or black in color and has a salty, oily, and slightly fishy taste. Caviar is a luxurious appetizer often found on expensive Western menus. But apart from the luxurious appearance, Caviar also has some health benefits that

How to eat watercress safely and for good health?

Watercress is a vegetable that is easy to eat and can be eaten raw, but for its safety and health benefits. You should choose this type of vegetable carefully. By choosing a bouquet that looks fresh. The leaves and stems are bright green and delicious to eat. Not wilted

Get to know green leafy vegetables that have many benefits.

There are many types of green leafy vegetables. Here we will give examples of types of green leafy vegetables that come with interesting nutrients and benefits that you may not have known before. 1. Kale Kale is one of the green leafy vegetables that is considered to

How to eat to get all the nutritional value and calories?

In general, The body needs calories or energy from consuming food or drinks. To use in life Each person’s body needs different amounts of energy. which depends on many factors. Whether it’s size, shape, age, gender, and activities you do every day. People who want to maintain a healthy weight should