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Lazio agrees two-year verbal contract with Kamada.

There have been several reports that. Lazio has reached a two-year contract with Daichi Kamada, an unaffiliated football midfielder along with assistance from sponsors. The Japan international has been linked with a move to Serie A this summer. Since his contract with Frankfurt ended on June 30 He already

Guido urges Real Betis to discuss new contract.

Guido Rodriguez has signaled that Real Betis is working on a new deal to replace the existing one that expires next summer football. Argentinian midfielder Guido Rodriguez has urged Real Betis to work on a new deal with him. As a replacement for his current

Arsenal 1 – Monaco 1.

Arsenal won the Emirates Cup in their pre-season friendly after drawing 1-1 with Monaco after 90 minutes. And winning 5-4 on penalties in Football Emirates Cup. Arsenal 1 – Monaco 1 (Arsenal won 5-4 on penalties) Venue: Emirates Stadium Although Arsenal will start the game more

Pedri insists on leaving Barca.

Barcelona‘s 20-year-old midfielder Pedri has insisted he is at his dream club and still has years to come. Pedro Gonzalez Lopez Pedri the 20 year old insists he has no intention of leaving dream club Barcelona amid links with Paris Saint-Germain interested in signing. He

How to play Sic-bo online

What kind do you like, play like that? Which number do you like? Play that number. We guarantee that your chances of being right and back alive are. The billionaire is just a little bit. » Normally, choosing to play Sic Bo online that has opened the price is quite the

Jurgen Klopp says that this season, the Swans have no complaints

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has said no one has questioned him in the domestic cup competition after leading the team to a second semi-final. German coach He continued to perform well in the cup after a 1-0 win over Nottingham Forest. And take on Manchester City

How to play PAI KANG

UFABET online casino website has updated new games. That is a card game PAI KANG. It is a measure of winning by looking at who has the lowest hand points against the other players at the table. Which you know that playing card games, KANG used for entertainment in the past can

Online poker wins and losses

For the order of cards used to measure the outcome of a poker game. You must first learn that the A card is the card with the largest value. Unlike other card games which are the lowest points. By ordering the arrangement of the largest to the smallest

How to play poker

How to play poker The poker game starts with 2 players and up to 10 players at the start of the game the player to the left of the dealer. This is called the Small Blind position. Half the bet is required. And the position next to