Guido urges Real Betis to discuss new contract.

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Guido Rodriguez has signaled that Real Betis is working on a new deal to replace the existing one that expires next summer football.

Argentinian midfielder Guido Rodriguez has urged Real Betis to work on a new deal with him. As a replacement for his current one. Which expires in the summer of 2024 unless Betigo responds. Receive offers from specific clubs this summer only. According to reports from Relebo on Wednesday. 

Guido, 29, has been linked with top clubs. Manchester United, Arsenal, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona. Before the Azulgra are likely to sign the cheaper Oriol Romeu from Girona. 

‘I try to be as honest as possible, I’m satisfied, I’m happy. The club wants me to stay. I wanted to stay too. But we have to agree.’UFABET 

‘(There are) things to discuss. But I’m happy i enjoy myself My family is happy,’ said Guido.

If Real Betis wants to keep the Argentine midfielder with the club. They must open talks over a new deal soon to avoid losing the player on a free transfer next summer.

‘I have one year left on my contract. and i’m doing very well. The club continues to grow. I want to grow And a lot of things have to be attributed to [my] continuity. We’re very excited.’