How to play PAI KANG

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UFABET online casino website has updated new games. That is a card game PAI KANG. It is a measure of winning by looking at who has the lowest hand points against the other players at the table. Which you know that playing card games, KANG used for entertainment in the past can make money for you now Because now the UFABET website has added a card game KANG. into the system To provide customers with options for online gambling because online gambling websites are usually developing new services and promotions. to the market on a regular basis because they want customers to have more options Therefore, if you apply for services through our online casino Ufabet web. You will experience the widest range of packed casino services including PAI KANG card games. in a fun online format as well

Online Casino is a casino game that falls under the category of online casino games. in card game format It’s a game that requires a fair amount of technique and wit. Discarding each card also affects the win or loss of that game. Have to plan the game to be as concise as possible. The card game requires 2 – 6 players.

It is a card game that doesn’t take long to play. can make money fast In playing, all cards will be dealt 5 cards per person, after that, count the points from all the cards in our hand together. The less points we have, the more the flow is good. But keep in mind that the game can be flipped at any time if careless. It is considered another game that is very popular among gamblers.

Payout rates for online card PAI KANG

The online card game has a card payout format that is similar to a regular card game, but the card payout style may not be the same as in other games. This allows card games to lose/win in a variety of ways. In principle, the payout rate of online cards (In order of pay rate, low > high) are as follows:

  • Normal card 1 : 0.97 times
  • Three cards 1 : 2 times
  • Sorted cards 1 : 3 times
  • Color card 1 : 4 times
  • Bark card 1: 5 times
  • Four Card 1 : 6 times
  • Straight Flush 1 : 7 times

For the card game, there is also a more complicated playing form, namely, the flow, the cache. If the player wants to play the card online, it is recommended to study the payout ratio of the online card game (in detail) before starting to play. It will help the players Play to maintain lap money and double the player’s own lap money