How to play nine games online

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there is a way to play Nine gameIt counts the points of the cards, for example, 10 JQK counts as 0, A counts as 1 point, the highest point is nine points, but there are also special points such as sort, color, master, tong Sort the colors in ascending order or in color, that is, nine games. All three cards of the same suit are better than nine. The master card is Three cards are cards of group J,Q,K. All three cards are above nine, color and sort. สมัคร UFABET

Vocabulary used in the online nine games

  1. Crouch is to turn the card face down in front of it to cross. People who crouch won’t have to continue playing in this turn. but will lose the money that was initially placed
  2. Pass means if all players are not betting, they can choose “Pass”.
  3. A bet is that if all players are not betting, they can choose to “bet”.
  4. By means the bet is equal to the bet of the previous player.
  5. Getup is to bet more than the number of other players bet. The next player must choose Follow or Crouch.
  6. All bets are all bets. The person who has chosen all the laps to wait to compare the cards.