How to play Sic-bo online

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Calling the way of playing the master and the gambler

1. The bet is to choose to play. Predict the dice of all dice. 

that is in the plate when the dealer opens the lid Just one page, that is, if you choose to bet on the 2nd or 5th Sic Bo. Such as bet 1, 2 and 3, and the dice turn out to be 2, 3, 5, the player will see results. that is predicted to be 2 and only 3, 1 will not be, and another type means low and high,
if you choose to bet on also two options, for example, high and low, then the result is 1 2 3 total The total of 6 points players will receive only low, only that, high will lose. As for options such as 11 dice , they can also make favorites.

2. To bet is to choose to play or predict the outcome

of all the dice in the cup plate when the dealer shakes and opens the lid, two-faced, three-faced, even if the player bets on 6 low or 1 6 pairs of dice, no matter which option Then the result of the dice turns out to be 6 2 1, the result plus 9 points, what you’re big Bet (guess) there are 6, low, 1 and 6, you will receive all because the player guessed correctly, considering the dice, there are 6 and 1 included, and the score is less than 11 is low. As for the options, look at the board. yes

3. The giant is common in the folk sic bo band,

sic bo according to different casinos, by which this will happen when there are other players. Take the money that you have played, bet fast on the board and convert it to his own choice. When the lid is opened, the result has been predicted correctly, the player who everyone knows, will receive that money immediately, along with the money that he has chosen to bet on. but if the customer guessed correctly and he did not guess Players who operate giants must pay back all players along with their stake (not related to the dealer). any, all) and if both guesses are correct, the player will get nothing. Just a giant office player that’s going to get it. All the money spent on betting