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Muay Thai or boxing has a long history and has been in use since the early wars. Cut to the present, it has evolved into a more modern era as a sport. The gloves are used to prevent any danger that may occur during the match. Muay Thai is a fight that is unique to Thailand. with outstanding combat Use every part of your body to arm your fists, elbows, knees and feet to defeat your enemies. If there is a good preparation below It will make the weapons in combat effective to the maximum.

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  1. A kick-off match and a draw that results in the bill. Will be considered immediate death.
  2. In the event that the angle of the punch is switched. To extend the boxing name mainly. If the boxer’s name is correct, it can be a normal loss.
  3. Wrong boxing names cannot be canceled. Only that match. The rest are considered normal.
  4. In the event that the boxer is renamed or the name of the new camp, but the same boxer Whether it’s an old name or a new one on the web that is open to play. considered normal loss
  5. To adhere to the name of Thai boxing as the main
  6. If the name of the boxer that the website is open to play is normal Misspelled typographical errors such as Su Mo (crouching tiger), Saket (Saket), or misspellings but still have the same sound, such as Zhao Rit – Jawarid, are considered normal interests.