Pedri insists on leaving Barca.

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Barcelona‘s 20-year-old midfielder Pedri has insisted he is at his dream club and still has years to come. Pedro Gonzalez Lopez Pedri the 20 year old insists he has no intention of leaving dream club Barcelona amid links with Paris Saint-Germain interested in signing. He is promised the same as Ousmane Dembele. According to a report from ‘La Banguardia’ on Wednesday. 

‘I don’t know the offer for me. A lot of things had to happen for me to leave this club. I find it extremely unlikely, Barca is my dream club. And I want to stay for many years to come.’ said Pedri.

Pedri has also demonstrated his determination to improve his performances with Barcelona in the upcoming season UFABET

‘Last year I had to score 10 goals and 10 assists, I couldn’t do that. When I came back from vacation, Xavi told me this year I had to reach those goals.’ 

Pedri returned in pre-season with a stronger bundle of muscles. The 20-year-old midfielder has followed a more specific nutritional plan. Because he wants to avoid injuries that happen to him often during the season.

He has proven himself to the world that this is real And it’s definitely better than this. He is someone Barcelona and Spain can’t live without. Looking at the bright future ahead, there must be him. One of the most “incomparable players”. All the stories he created and wrote on it can be a great inspiration to everyone. People can get it too.