Pep’ is happy with the boat. ‘Alvarez’ is waiting to join the pre-season with the team.

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Pep Guardiola is delighted that Manchester City can sign talent like Julian Alvarez and has confirmed the player will join the club for pre-season.

The Argentinian forward moved from River Plate for around £14 million but remains with the Blues on loan until the summer.

The Spaniard is delighted that the 22-year-old has joined. “The Blues” and revealed that Alvarez was still with River Plate before that because he now has enough players in that position

. but also for the future He is a player who can come with us now. But we have enough players in that position,” said Guardiola.

“I don’t like having too many players. So he’d better stay with River Plate first. He has improved very well in the last few years working with Marcelo Gallardo.”

“He will be joining the team next pre-season and then we will make a decision. You know the team changes every year,” he added. “We are delighted to have this talented

player, a young player, for years to come.” the Ufabet report

Zelo, as well as youngster James McAvoy, have also renewed their contracts this week. That leaves them with 12 first-team players on contracts that run until at least 2025

, Guardiola admits initially that he and Cancelo disagreed in many respects. But now happy that the players will be with the team for many more years.

“We struggled together when he joined the team. There are a lot of things that we don’t agree on.”

“Partly because I made a mistake. But now I am delighted that he is extremely happy and that he continues to play for the club for the following seasons.”

“He can play in a lot of positions, play every day, has a great physique. He’s funny and affectionate in the dressing room.”

“Zhao always wants to play and when he’s not playing he’s not happy. Now that he understands, we understand each other better. Every player has to be treated differently

. It took me time to understand him. Now I understand him more and he is important to us

. But he’s always been nice.”