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Pokdeng online card game It is a game that is widely known as Pok Pae Pok Kao. It is a gambling game that is very popular in Thailand. It’s a game that’s easy to understand. People who have never played can learn to play. bounce card game within 2 minutes and is a game that all players not fighting each other But it’s a battle between every player and the dealer, making Pok Deng undoubtedly a popular game. สมัคร UFABET

Basic play steps

  • Each player places their desired bets. The dealer can hold bets is to set the maximum bet that the dealer can accept.
  • Dealer shuffles the cards and distributes them to the players starting from the left or the right, with the dealer getting the last card by dealing two cards at a time until there are two cards per person.
  • The dealer and all players look at the cards in their hand and sum up the sum of the cards received. The numbers are valued according to that number, J Q K counts as 10 and A counts as 1. After that, look at the unit digits of the total. It is called Pok Eight or Pok nine according to the points scored by Pok nine will win. Pok eight If the dealer has Poked, then the player who has not Poked or has a lower Pok will lose and lose the bet to the Banker. As for the players who have poked higher than the dealer will win and receive bets from the dealer
  • If the dealer does not pok All players have the right to call one more card or not. If the dealer does not want to call more cards, show the dealer’s card. This allows the player whose score is higher than the dealer to receive bets from the dealer. As for the player whose score is equal to the dealer will not draw and does not lose, while the player whose score is less than the dealer will have to lose bets to the dealer. A draw means playing the dealer’s two cards against someone with the same number. After catching, the dealer can summon another card to fight the rest.