‘Rangnick’ disappointed that the ghost should check the bill from the first half

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Manchester United manager Ralph Rangnick admits he was deeply disappointed The team. Should have easily won the match from the first half. And surprisingly the referee allowed. Middlesbrough to score 1-1 even though it was clearly a handball.

Sbrough Underdogs from the Championship on penalties 8-7 after 1-1 draw in 120 minutes 1-1.

Ralf Rangnick says wasteful Manchester United only have themselves to blame after making an embarrassing early FA Cup exit at home to Middlesbrough.

“Unbelievably disappointing. We should win comfortably. Close the game from the first half. The ball hit the bar, hit the post, missed penalties, there were a lot of chances, it should have been 2-0, 3-0,” Rangnick said after the game.

“The moment that the goal is lost. We don’t stand a good position too much. Open space let them retaliate We really should have won this game.” ufabet report

“Anthony Elanga everyone can imagine how he would feel. We will try to encourage him. This can happen even to more experienced players. He shoots as the eighth, there’s no choice. With only Luke Shaw, Phil Jones and the goalkeeper left. A year on from steering Sheffield United to a shock Old Trafford win,

Paul Pogba played well, as I expected him to play.