The Blue and White coach wondered if ‘Diaz’ ​​had a so-so pace,

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Alfio Basile, former Argentina national team coach Ask why “Reds” Liverpool dare to spend 50 million pounds. To pull Luis Diaz to join the army after seeing the Colombian national team star. Not doing anything significant in the last two World Cup qualifiers

, the 25-year-old winger made a surprise move from Porto. Join the Liverpool team in the January market with a cost of up to 50 million pounds

. During this time, Diaz has a mission to help the Colombian national team. Played two World Cup qualifiers in a losing game against Peru. and Argentina With the same score 1-0 in which he played both games,

Basile, who was Argentina’s national team manager between 206-2008, claims he has watched Diaz’s form in the last national game. and wonder why Liverpool Dare to bring this player into the team.

“Diaz that Liverpool recently bought to join the team. I didn’t see anything in him from his matches against Peru and Argentina. told to ufabet Radio

Diaz’s Colombia risked missing out on qualifying for the World Cup when the team failed to win seven qualifying matches in a row, their rankings still sinking . 7th place, 4 points behind Peru, who will be ranked 5th, who will be eligible to play the play-offs.