Welcome! ‘Diaz’ ​​arrives at the swans training ground and JK greets them

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Liverpool’s new signing Luis Diaz has arrived at the training ground. Ready to receive a hug from Jurgen Klopp as a welcome.

Liverpool swooped in a £37.5million move for the attacker from Porto, after Tottenham had made a breakthrough in negotiations and thought they were going to land the 25-year-old Colombia international. 

Diaz closed the deal from Porto since Sunday, but because of his mission to play for the Colombian national team, he still cannot travel to England.

And then, after losing 1-0 to Argentina, the 25-year-old left for Paris first. To wait for a visa to enter the UK and to process a work permit.

Diaz is now on Merseyside. And prepare to practice for the first time with the “Reds”, either Friday or Saturday

The Colombian winger was greeted by Klopp and Pep Lijnders as they entered the training ground. The latter played an important role in convincing Diaz to join the team

. The German coach gave an interview that he was excited about having Diaz join the team but insisted that he would need some time to adjust to the team.

“If it comes to him playing at his best immediately it would be very strange,” said Klopp to Ufabet

. But I don’t mean 4-5 months, I haven’t seen him in training at all so we should wait a bit! I am very happy with the contract.”